Ambee is a character from The Dynamite Twins and Friends. She's the chief of the Critterton Police Department.

Character description

Physical appearance

Ambee is a red squirrel. She can usually be seen with a blue beret that she got from her father. She also wears an arm band that carries her badge.


She can be a "Dirty Harriet" if need be

However, get to know her, and she's surprisingly a nice lady.


Ambee was born in Phoenix. His father, a former cop, was affiliated with the Black Panther Party in Oakland. However, he was kicked out after falling for a sex worker in Phoenix.

Ambee’s father taught her all she needed to know to defend herself, while her mother said "don’t be afraid to go dirty". She moved to Critterton and became a police officer.



  • The creator has been quick to point out that this character wasn't created as an answer to the Disney film Zootopia, which has a cop character (Judy Hopps). In fact, she was inspired by one of his high school principals.
  • Her sidearm is a Colt Python.