Carmine Reindeer is a character from The Dynamite Twins and Friends.

Character description

Physical appearance

Carmine is a reindeer (with some marsh deer in the mix). She has brown fluffy hair and green/hazel eyes. Her choice of clothing is very minimal - her main outfit is a two-piece (tube top and shorts that stretch), and that's it. Her holiday outfit is a "Santa hat" and winter coat (once again, with nothing under it!)

Her curvy, pear-shaped figure is makes any guy (or girl) "holla at her". She always tends to play along. It also helps that she's a reindeer! Her booty is always a huge head-turner for everyone - and she loves to shake it!


Carmine is very welcoming and kindhearted, but also strong-willed. She's a bit of a "team mom", especially to the rest of the five.

Carmine considers herself to be an "ethical slut" - she enjoys having sex, but is respectful of others, and cares about their well-being. Her method of intercourse was inspired by a blend of "neotantra", also known as "tantric sex", and various erotic techniques. Whatever the case, she's always looking for some "fun" with any guy or girl she meets.

She also doesn't discriminate - she describes herself as an "omnisexual".


Carmine was born in the north of the world, to mother Caramelle, a Brazilian marsh deer who's a model, dancer, and porn star; and father Comet, one of Santa's "Flying Forces". She was named after the dark red blanket she was wrapped in.

She had a pretty decent childhood, but nothing noteworthy, and he got along with his younger brother Crimson quite well. However, as adolescence kicked in, she started developing a defined figure, and she would be "complimented" by everyone. At the time, she was very shy and awkward. It wouldn't be long before she had her first sexual encounter. She was very overwhelmed by what had happened to her, she began to lose blood, and eventually fainted.

After this traumatic event she was taken in by an elderly man named Nicholas who may or may not be Santa Claus himself, who gave her treatment, which included some medicine that amplified her healing factor, and increased her sex drive. Her appearance also changed, resulting in a thicker body, especially her breasts, hips, booty, and thighs.

After recovering, she spent some years working as a dancer, bartender, and has done "certain" films. Her ability to lactate and ejaculate has gained notoriety among various outlets.

Realizing that she wants to explore her talents elsewhere, she moved to the City of Critterton, where she bought a nightclub that was losing money, and reformed it into Shady Tuesday's.

Creator's notes

  • Carmine is a favorite of quite a few people, including Jordann Edwards himself.
  • He initially created Carmine to be a seasonal character - until 2013, when he hosted an art jam centered around her. People liked the character so much that the creator upped her to the main cast.
  • She was created mainly due to his love of holiday specials (the ones that feature reindeer, obviously). He was also inspired by the classic tune "Santa Baby" (originally sung by Eartha Kitt).