Dexter Clapton is a character that appears in The Dynamite Twins and Friends

Character description

Physical appearance

Dex is a red fox, with blue eyes.


Dex is a pretty chill guy, and he's very humble.


Dexter was born and raised in Vancouver, to father Tarquin Abel Clapton and mother Evelyn Noël-Clapton. He was introduced to the grime scene by his father, who was from London's East End. He also got "bit by the artist bug".

Desperate for a new job, he moved to Critterton. He became good friends with everyone there, especially Rodger, a fellow Canuck who knew Tarquin personally.

He's also developed a close friendship with Shamrock.


  • This character was created by Craig Black. After Jordann Edwards drew the character, he felt that there would be a modified version of Dex in the TDT world.
  • His middle name, Aubrey, was inspired by Canadian artist Drake, whose first name is Aubrey.