East Bay Jay is a character from The Dynamite Twins and Friends franchise. He was a founding member of the Field Marshals, as well as the late father of Blackmask and Lil Spot.   

Character description

Physical appearance

Jay was a yellow cat - he was pretty chubby


Jay was more often than not a reserved fellow, as described by his bandmates, but he's not afraid to speak his mind.


Jason, as was his birth name, was born in the ghetto of San Francisco; his father was a speed dealer, and his mother "disappeared". Often getting into a lot of trouble with his friends as a teenager, Jason would skip school and sneak into the clubs to watch various bands perform. He gravitated towards the punk rock movement, as it allowed him to get through tough times.

In his junior year of high school, he bought his first guitar and began learning how to play his favorite songs. He soon got together with his close friend Keith and they began writing original songs, then eventually starting their band. They started out as a hardcore punk band, but, at Keith's behest, started adding alternative metal and rapcore to create a unique sound.

As they became known across the area, they would be influential and a bit controversial.

As more groupies flocked to him, one of them was very persuasive. Ebony, who was an aspiring singer, clicked with Jay. Her soulful voice with his guitar was considered an eclectic mix. Sure enough, they made a song together, but before they could go any further, Ebony got pregnant. Around the same time, Jay and his band would go on tour to promote their second album.

Time passes, and Jay makes a rare visit to see his daughter. He would later get Ebony pregnant again; this time, she had a boy.

Jay would have another round on tour, unfortunately, that would end up being his last. He died unexpectedly - there might have been an abundance of drugs in his system. He was 27.

He left behind a legacy - his two children, Blackmask and Lil Spot, would inherit a few of his guitars and would experiment with different sounds.

Musical style

At a young age, despite being exposed to a ton of different sounds, Jason was more of a fan of underground music rather than "big stadium shows". He specifically had a profound and deep passion for punk rock music, notably California based bands such as Black Flag, The Offspring, and Rancid.

Jay also took a liking to country music when he was young. His personal favorite singer was Johnny Cash and his lyrical content inspired Jay to start writing his own music.


  • Jay was created by Jacob Elmer - it's no coincidence that they both share the same birthday.
    • Incidentally, creator Jordann Edwards thought of a guitarist father, so he might have given Jake some ideas...
  • Jay was named after the late Jason Thirsk, former bass player for the California punk rock band Pennywise.
    • Jay was also inspired by Fat Mike, lead singer and bassist for NOFX.
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