The Field Marshals were created by Jacob Elmer as part of the musical portion of The Dynamite Twins and Friends franchise.

In-universe, the band was an underground punk band based in San Francisco formed by East Bay Jay and Killa Keith.


Jay went to high school with Keith, and they decided to start their band. Keith brought along Terry, and were later joined by Bobby.

The band was popular in the underground circuit and would perform in venues across the area.

Over the course of five years, their production became more sophisticated. Around the time Keith started his own label to house the band in, he has gotten more and more into the production side of things. He brought along a young beatmaker, Sedrik the Mutt (who was 14 at the time), to his wing - Sedrik has been responsible for co-producing some of the band's music since.

After their second record, they took a sabbatical from making new material (during which they released a cover album).

After Jay died, the band decided to go their separate ways, as he, in Keith's words, "brought us all together". Keith went on to run his label and be a producer for other artists; Terry became a frequent collaborator, as the duo Keith and Terry; Sedrik became a successful DJ and EDM producer; Bobby moved back to San Diego and opened an art shop.

Musical influence and legacy

Jay brought a punk style to their sound, as he was influenced by many guitarists from the 90s wave of punk bands. However, it was Johnny Cash who inspired him to write his own songs.

Keith was the one who brought an edgier rapcore/metal sound, mainly due to his roots in South Los Angeles (before moving north).

Although the band has experimented a little, mixing punk with some rap rock, by KommanderzNChief, the band went all-in by adding elements of nu metal and hardcore punk. By the time of Path of the Righteous, the band moved to a post-hardcore/alternative sound.

Despite having a "nu metal" influence, the band doesn't really consider itself as such. They agree that, if anything, they're "just a rock band".

Many artists cited the Field Marshals as an influence, including Blackmask and Lil Spot, who were Jay's only two children. Blackmask herself carries on both Jay's and Spot's legacy, as a solo artist and as a member of PurpleSkies. The Wild K-9's also cite the band as one of many influences.


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  • Jake Elmer states that the heavy metal band, Biohazard was an inspiration for the band.

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