Kennedy is a character from The Dynamite Twins and Friends.


Physical attributes

Kennedy is a brown kangaroo - she has red "tribal marks" across her face and over her ears. She also has some on her triceps and her hips.

Being a kangaroo, she has a definitive pear-shaped figure. Because of that, she's attracted some guys (and girls!) - however, it's also why she can't wear pants (unless they're big enough). She likes being bottomless, though, as she doesn't mind any stares - put the wrong moves on her, expect a knockout.


In short, Ken's a "feisty, spicy marsupial", and she has somewhat of a "warrior's spirit".


  • Kennedy was named after the Australian production company Kennedy Miller Mitchell, founded by producer Byron Kennedy and filmmaker and Mad Max creator George Miller. The company adopted its current name in 2009 when producer Doug Mitchell became more prominent in its roster.

Creators' notes

  • Jordann Edwards wishes to have Australian actress Rose Byrne provide the voice in a potential animated series.
    • He also had the idea of Liam Hemsworth as her brother Kendall.