Lil Spot was the little brother of Blackmask.

Character description

Physical appearance





Spot was born in Oakland. He, along with his older siblings, was raised by Ebony, his mother. His biological father, the guitarist East Bay Jay, barely was around, if at all. When Jay did visit, he left a few souvenirs, like one of his old guitars.

Spot would be inspired by his father's ambition, as well as the sounds of the Bay, to create a sound of his own.

When Jay died, Spot decided to take his music seriously, and so, he made a name for himself in his own right. His older siblings, including Blackmask, gave him the utmost support.

When Spot was stealing drugs, he was in a bit of a struggle. There was a crossfire nearby, which led to an explosion that set ablaze the house he stayed in.

Spot passed out, and was unresponsive (the amount of drugs in his system amplified that). He would be pronounced dead within minutes.

Musical style

Lil Spot's style was a blend of punk rock, west coast hip hop, heavy metal, and trap music.


  • This character was inspired by the late singer Lil Peep (born Gustav Ahr), who also died at a young age. The creator thought it was logical, as Jay was a guitarist, and Spot would make his own spin in his music.