Mallie is a character that appears in The Dynamite Twins and Friends. She is the sister of Jacqui and Maxie.


Physical description

She looks identical to her older brothers, but she is much shorter. She wears a violet bow on her head, to match her shirt, and her markings on her arms.




  • Mallie's full name was named after the creator's grandmother, Mary Blackwell.
    • To go deeper, she was named after Mary Magdalene, a prominent religious figure. As Mary had been a follower of Jesus, Mallie is a follower of her own brothers, whom she looks up to.
    • The creator has remarked that despite leaving religion from the time he was 18, it helped him morally, and as such, he maintains friendships with those who are religious.
  • She was heavily inspired by his baby sister Jaeydah.