Maxie is a character from The Dynamite Twins and Friends. He is the co-lead of the main series.

Character description

Physical appearance

Physically, Maxie is a Red Fox (vulpes vulpes), but is a mutate of other canines as well.

He is an identical twin of Jacqui, the notable differences are his eye colour, which is blue, and the "markings" on his body, which are shaped like waves and water drops. His markings are the result of energy beings sealed within him.


Unlike his brother Jacqui, Max is much more laid-back. He's also more "sexually active" than him, often getting laid with more girls, which makes Jac just a little jealous.

Maxie is also a queer fellow; upon discovering that he developed a sexual attraction towards other boys (including his best friend Markus), he decided to embrace his bisexuality.


Max can control and create water at will. He can also create steam and ice, depending on the conditions.

He is also an excellent swimmer, even so far as to not needing any gear.


  • Maxie was partially named after one of his older brothers, whose nickname is Max. It's also a slight reference to A Goofy Movie.
  • He's a general music lover - he loves anything with a good beat. He's especially into RnBass, EDM, country, and punk.

Creator's notes

  • Maxie has been considered by many fans to be their favourite twin; even the creator himself would agree - Maxie's personality (and musical tastes, etc) was mainly based on his own.
    • His bisexuality was also based on Edwards' own (he is technically a "panromantic bisexual").