Rodger Mouse is a character from The Dynamite Twins and Friends. He is the self-described "best friend" of the Twins themselves.

Character description

Rodger is a mouse (possibly a house mouse). He has gray fur with a white patch that goes from the chest down to the underbelly. He has green/hazel eyes.

He's almost always shirtless, and he takes off his pants when a) he wants to feel the breeze; and b) he is really, really horny.

He is an alcoholic; his favourite whisky is Jack Daniel's. Unlike other mice, he's lactose intolerant, so he can't eat cheese (sometimes he gives in to temptation and eats it anyway).


Rodger is a self-proclaimed ladies-mouse, and when he scores a hot babe, he always takes her to private location and has sex with her on the spot.

He is considered by many to be "chauvinistic" and "oversexed".


Rodger Memphis Mouse was born in Toronto, Ontario. He was raised by his mother Lucille, a French Jewish gypsy. His father, Russell, is of Afro-Irish heritage. He also has an uncle through his father, Reggie, who is a "pimp".

He rarely tells his well-kept secret to anyone else...but he was born with a defect, and he didn't have much longer to live, had it not been for a German scientist who gave him "medicine" - he ended up obtaining healing abilities, and was able to beat the odds.

He mostly grew up around the suburbs of Forest Hill. He claimed to have been good friends with a young Aubrey Drake Graham - he stated that he even attended Drake's bar mitzvah!

He met a lovely lady mouse who shares the same birthday. When they both had their bar mitzvah, they lost their virginity to one another. It was at that moment that changed Rodger's life forever.

In Brotherhood Legacy, he first ran into the Twins while they were heading to the training grounds of the White Moon Corps. He was forced to tag along, and he ended up settling in Critterton at the end.


  • His favourite basketball player is Wilt Chamberlain - his father went to his games. Just don't talk about Wilt's allegations, though...