Shirley is a character from The Dynamite Twins and Friends.

Character description

Shirley is a Rose Flying Squirrel, a rare species of squirrel with bright pink fur and a unique pattern on the tip of her tail. She has blue and green eyes.

She also has a sweet berry scent, and she secretes berry juice from her body when either sweating or ejaculating due to stimulation during sex.

She is mostly seen without any clothing, being a furry creature and all, but on certain occasions, she might wear a yellow outfit.


Shirley is a very sweet girl who always finds a positive outlook on life, no matter what the situation.

In terms of relationships, she is good friends with the Twins, even going so far as on-and-off "friends with benefits" qualities. She often gets annoyed with Rodger's actions, and she gets a bit jealous of Carmine, though she looks up to her.

She often blushes when Maxie calls her "Pinky", due to her fur being pink.

She's also a surrogate "big sister" to Oscar, after finding him around the woods.


Shirley was born as part of a study conducted by a biologist; her species was on the verge of being extinct. She was raised by the biologist's family. She became close to the daughter, Melissa, who would be her adopted sister. As she went to the same school, Shirley would sign up for the gymnastics team.

Acrobatic champion

Shirley would eventually rise through the ranks of the school's team, helping them win numerous medals; despite not winning the finals, they at least went to the nationals. By herself, she would eventually win three consecutive championships, becoming the first non-human to do so.

Scandal and moving out

At her peak of her championship streak, she started a romantic fling with one of her competitors. Right away, it led to the tabloids calling it a "sex scandal". Things reached the breaking point when she was stripped of her title, effectively disqualifying her.

Unfortunately, the pressure got too great, and she decided to move out of Malibu. She would settle in the City of Critterton, where she was welcome by various critters.


  • Shirley was mainly inspired by Marlene the otter from the 2008 cartoon The Penguins of Madagascar.
    • She was also inspired by a few female friends he's known over the years.
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