Terry is a character that appears in The Dynamite Twins and Friends franchise.

Character description

Physical appearance

Terry is a "wolf-dog" - the "dog" part is likely a Shep...


Terry is socially awkward, so he might be a little tense. The fact that he's a wolf-dog doesn't really make it better.


Born in Orange County, he was raised by his single mother

Terry was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome when he was just four years old.

He and his mother moved up north to San Francisco after his father resurfaced from prison. There, he met Keith, who looked after him like a younger brother.

When Jay was forming his band, Keith brought Terry along. Despite not having much experience with instruments, Terry learned how to play guitar from Jay.

After the band went their separate ways, Terry stuck around. He often worked with Keith as a production duo, making songs for others.