The Dynamite Twins and Friends (also known as TDT and Friends and affectionately known as the TDT-verse) is a transmedia franchise and shared universe created by Jordann William Edwards. It is a franchise brand of ColorWorld Productions. The main series of stories within this universe, The Dynamite Twins, is centered around a pair of super-powered twin foxes and their friends.

This universe includes three other series: Bunny and Bear, Fae of Avalon, and Dragon Mages. These stories mainly stand alone, but some characters from these series encounter the Twins at various events.


Jordann Edwards, from the time he was 10 years old, wanted to make his own animated cartoon, so he made a series of "crappy" fan animations in Adobe Flash, and did a ton of fan art.

After being persisted that he make something original, he initially refused, but a few years later, that would all change...


In the summer of 2008, when Edwards barely started middle school, he started doodling two crudely-drawn foxes on notebook paper. He then decided to make a series of comics; after seeing the first Iron Man, he started formulating long-term plans for them. In October of that year, after finding that his great-grandmother had died, he stopped.

2010 came along, and he started getting back into the characters. He bought a tablet and worked on a series of drawings. He even joined the art community website DeviantArt to put up his work online. His work would gain a growing following over the years, and he would learn a lot about the biz.

In 2013, he finally got to making comics full-force. He then started expanding his series by revitalizing his YouTube channel, but as he was still in school at the time, he put the channel on indefinite hold. He had an idea for a crossover called Slugger Slackers, which he states is merely a favor for his friend; as such, it is non-canonical, but some elements were crossed over later on. That particular comic has now been shelved.

Recently, after a "falling out" with one of his friends, he decided to change up his storylines, and evolved his Universe plan. This Universe would have been anchored by The Dynamite Twins, as well as Space Pirate Captain MacTaggart and Ghosts of Earth. This has since been rebranded into the ColorWorld Universe, after a new creative group formed by Edwards and Elizabeth Mogan.

In 2017, as he was trying to build the universe, there were creative differences among Edwards and the creative team of MacTaggart. Around the same time, he had gotten backlash and criticism for his material (or lack thereof). By the end of the year, he re-grouped the Universe into a collection of brands created by Edwards, including TDT. He re-assembled Critterton Concepts, bringing in Craig Black, Jacob Elmer, and a few new recruits as "creative contributors".

The Dynamite Twins

The Dynamite Twins is the main series is divided into two banners that share a single continuity - Brotherhood Legacy and Life in Critterton. It also includes spin-offs set in that continuity. At the epicenter of the action is the City of Critterton, a seemingly normal city in the San Francisco Bay Area that is anything but normal. It is a hub of critters of all shapes and sizes, but there is also a massive influx of magic, ancient mythology, and weird science.

Brotherhood Legacy

The Brotherhood Legacy trilogy is a series of films that chronicle the globetrotting events of the Twins.

Life in Critterton

Life in Critterton is a web series with a transmedia experience including comic books and an online role-playing game.



Main article: Automática

A racing-based series of stories with a Latino influence.

Ursa of the Stars

Main article: Ursa of the Stars

A bear with mysterious power walks among the streets of Oakland on a path to discovery.

Sister series

Bunny and Bear

Main article: Bunny and Bear

Two best friends learn about the world them and meets colorful people along the way. Unlike the main series, this series is significantly more kid-friendly.

Fae of Avalon

Main article: Fae of Avalon

Three superbeings (faeries) forge an unlikely alliance to help defend their realm from threats emerging from outside and within.

Dragon Mages

Main article: Dragon Mages

In the realm of Draconem, many races of dragon guard and protect the various corners of the Universe.

The Franchise

As a ColorWorld brand, Edwards has had an ongoing plan to create a franchise for the series, utilizing transmedia storytelling across multiple media, as well as clothing and toys.



Brand extensions

Canon crossovers

Edwards has also been working closely with his friends, contributors, and fans to have their characters and associated elements cross over into this storyworld. Such elements include:

Cancelled/shelved projects




The Main Five:

  • Jacqui - One of the titular Dynamite Twins. A no-nonsense, determined fox, he's associated with the powers of fire - as such, he's also very hotheaded.
  • Maxie - One of the titular Dynamite Twins. A laid-back, cocky fella, he's associated with the powers of water.
  • Rodger - A Canadian mouse who's the Twins' "best friend". He's a notorious ladies' man and an alcoholic, who always looks to "bang the finest chick he sees".
  • Shirley - A pink squirrel from Malibu who is good friends with the Twins. She always looks to see the best in everyone.
  • Carmine - A voluptuous reindeer who runs her own namesake bar. She considers herself to be an "ethical slut".

Major Characters:

  • Mallie - The Twins' baby sister.
  • Terri - An Italo-Dutch athletic bunny.
  • Kennedy - A feisty kangaroo who was a mixed martial arts champion.
  • Ritchie - The resident nerd.
  • Blackmask - A "hood-cat" and musician who works in Carmine's Club, and is rather perverse.
  • Derek - A crazy and bumbling yet adventurous dog who's a detective.

Other Critters:

  • Ambee - The Chief of Police in Critterton.
  • Josie - A multi-coloured fox who's a lesbian, and a rival to Rodger. She has an affinity for BDSM.
  • Blondie - A human who's a former "adult film" star, currently working at Carmine's Club.
  • Shelly - A nerdy turtle who's very soft-spoken.
  • Billy Reese - A goat from Scotland who's a weed connoisseur and a drummer.
  • Shamrock - An Irish dog with a love of the arts.
  • Dexter - A red fox who came from Vancouver.
  • Oscar - A cat from Madrid who escaped from his abusive father and brother, and is living with Shirley.
  • Victor - A Rough Collie from Paris who's a sensitive bachelor.
  • Sedrik the Mutt - A DJ and music producer.

The Birds:

Critterton Concepts

Critterton concepts logo

Critterton Concepts is part of the ColorWorld Brand Studio - a team of creative individuals that maintain the franchise and related works.

ColorWorld Parliament


The series has many influences:

  • It takes its inspiration from many 80s, 90s, and 00s cartoons, in addition to certain classics.
  • There's a major influence of the hip hop culture, including graffiti (which influenced the art style), and the music. Likewise, the electronic dance music scene has added a bit of "energy".
    • Back in 2009, Edwards became obsessed with Kesha's breakout hit, "TiK ToK". It's simplistic, brash, over-the-top, party-goer themes became commonplace in almost all stories present.
  • It has a significant amount of Japanese influence, from the ancient folklore of kitsune spirits, to popular anime such as Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, etc.
  • In terms of comedy, it was mainly the likes of South Park for its off-colour style and its social commentary; in addition, the series has some of the comedic timing of the Marvel Comics character Deadpool.
  • The fantasy elements were based on Edwards' love of ancient mythology, such as Greek, Celtic, Native American, and the aforementioned Japanese.



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